Please look for me I don't know where I live and I know my mommy & daddy miss me

Thank you for finding me but I need help getting home, if you know me please come get me..
He is wearing a brown leather collar with a rabies tag on it from Mortin's Small Animal Clinic and his name (Rambo) is engraved on the back. Last seen last night on CR 2916 in Eustace. Please help me find my baby.

Contact Connie at 903-288-3844 or email: cogriffith2009@gmail.com
Mickey sometimes responds to his name. Miniature, elderly, blind and senile; black lightened with grey especially around muzzle. Wandered away downtown Athens area 4:30 a.m. Friday 3/26.

He was fostered after rescue by Cindy Guillery about five years ago; when lost, he was wearing his old collar with the old tag under her name.

Any word on him is appreciated. His momma is heart-broken.
Contact below is fairly 24/7.
Bruce Gallager

East Texas Book Exchange
408 No. Prairieville St
Athens, TX 75751
We looked over in tamarack until 9 last night hoping to find them once it got cooler outside but no luck. :(

We found two of our dogs over there around 11 yesterday but no luck with these two. We live on main st. next door to the truss company. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Here is the info on them.

Merry is a husky/shepherd mix with eyes the same color as her fur and one ear that stands up and one that lays down. She has a white chest and had on a collar (pink and camo). Zeus is a black great dane/mastiff mix pup. He is 10 months old and has a very laid back attitude. He has white on his chest and white on his two back paws. Neither of them bite. You can contact me at work or on my cell 972-768-8756.

April Park
Escrow Officer/Assistant
East Texas Title Company/G. Scott Damuth
Gun Barrel City Branch/Attorney at Law
2716 W. Main St.
Gun Barrel City, TX 75156
PH: 903.887.0088
FX: 903.887.2925
This male Poodle was stolen out of its owner's car while at a dr appt. in Dallas this past Monday, 11/16. "Woogie" is a 10 to 15 lbs, Apricot Poodle -- but looks almost white, neutered male. He is on a special diet and was due to have surgery on a large cataract in his left eye, so it is imperative we find this little guy!!! He is the faithful friend of a gentleman in Canton. Woogie has never been away from Jerry, he took him everywhere! Jerry was at UTMC and parked his car at the new 8 story Parkland garage across the street on the 2nd level. Little Woogie was in his big feather bed. Someone broke out the window and took Woogie!! Jerry is devastated, in tears and said" if there was a surgeon who could cut the pain out of my chest I might be able to sleep". He is offering a reward!!! They did not take his pistol or his computer worth about $900.00, just the dog.

Stolen last Monday- Jerry has done all he knows to do!!!

This dog is Jerry's heart! He is a single senior and Woogie his constant and beloved companion!

PLEASE keep your eyes and ears open. Anyone can contact me directly with info or knowledge about this situation. Please spread the word! Thank you!

Stephanie Muzney
Canton, TX
214-232-3644 (my cell)
Loon Bay Subdivision in Gun Barrel City
We are heartbroken!
Waffles is a spayed, microchipped female orange tabby who has been missing from our home in Loon Bay (GBC) since Sunday. Please call 903-654-9195
Lost & Found
MASTIFF HAS BEEN FOUND - the white bulldog is still missing:
Please post everywhere.  These 2 sweet babies were taken from their owner's 6-ft. privacy fenced yard in Harbor Point this morning between 6:30-9 a.m.   Their children are heartbroken.  The white American Bulldog is a huge baby and has never left the side of their son.   The Mastiff has only about 25% hearing, one missing ear and a very bad skin condition that requires medication. 

If anyone has seen them, please contact JanieAnn at 903-603-0910.  If unable to reach her, contact Marsha at 903-880-3722.

Please help us find them.   They are precious to their family.